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Cold water pipe break

You have had cold water outage at your home and you don’t know where to call? What measures do you need to take in the event of a cold water outage? What is the statutory deadline to remove an accident? There are legitimate questions, and we will help you find answers.


Where to call in case of cold water pipe break?

In case you have witnessed an emergency situation - the burst of cold water pipes or sewer pipes in public areas (yard premises of apartment blocks, roads, etc.), you can call a round-the-clock phone number of the municipal dispatcher service - 109. In case of pipe bursts or sewer pipe bursts inside your apartment or premises as well as in the entrance hall, you can contact the emergency service of your condo or the managing company.


Remedying an emergency

Requisition received by "109" service is quickly redirected to the dispatching service of a maintenance enterprise. Having accepted the requisition within 15 minutes, the dispatcher service sends the information to the DOS (District Operational Site) in order to have an emergency eliminated in the daytime. During nighttime, this information is sent to a team of CDS (Central Dispatcher Office of the Public Utilities Company "Su Zhelisi") in order for measures to be taken.

Subscribers must be notified in advance about water outage, except in case of emergency, when the pouring water destroys the road surface, disrupts traffic, floods the streets, collectors, basements, etc. A response repair team envelopes place of damage with temporary boards for safety precautions. Within 10 minutes after preventing an accident, the company's operational employees send additional information on the elimination/localization of the accident to the 109 service, which is to be further circulated to all the concerned state agencies, municipal organizations and services.


When to expect the accident to be remedied?

Emergency must be remedied within 8 to 24 hours, depending on the diameter of the pipe and the settings. This remedial period can be increased depending on the scope of the damage and the distance from the point of disconnection. Additional time is required to disinfect the pipeline after the damage is remedied, with such measure to continue for 4-54 hours. Where water is not supplied for more than 24 hours, alternative (temporary) options of water supply are arranged, which is delivery of water by water carriers. Should these deadlines be violated, you can contact the Department of Energy and Utilities (the supervisory body for "Su zhelisi") in order to request action against the persons in charge of the remedial activities.

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