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Expulsion from school

If your child's supervising teacher has called you and said that your child was expelled from school, do not hurry to scold your child and engage in moralizing. First, read our article about why a student can be expelled from school and what the procedure for exclusion is. Expulsion from school is an extreme measure of administrative influence and is applied for repeatedly committed gross violations of a school statute. The exclusion from school can be done strictly in accordance with certain requirements.


Reasons for which a child may be expelled

Since a student's expulsion is caused by regular violation of the order and rules of conduct within the school, a supervising teacher is obligated to notify parents or other legal representatives of the child (guardian, custodian, or foster parent) of his or her inappropriate behavior, poor academic performance and misconduct in a timely manner.
If a student misses classes at school without good reason for ten or more days, such student is registered with the department of juvenile police, and a student’s parents can be brought to administrative responsibility. If a child strongly refuses to attend school, such child can be referred by court decision to a special school for children with deviant behavior
Pedagogical measures taken in time by parents and teachers will help prevent exclusion from school.


What needs to be undertaken?

In the case of suspension of a child from school, a parent or other legal representative (guardian, custodian, foster parent) must file a request with a school principal containing a relevant question and require a written justification of exclusion from school. In case of unjustified suspension from school, it is necessary to write an application to the district unit of the Education Department of Almaty, guardianship and custody office of the Education Department of Almaty (chief’s phone number: 262-27-34), to the prosecutor's office in Almaty (call center: 115 ).


Decision on expulsion

A decision to expel a student from school is to be made by the Teachers’ Council.
A decision to expel orphaned children and children left without parental care is to be made with the consent of guardianship and custody authorities.

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