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Free vacation at suburban and school camps

Your child's classmates boast of plans for summer vacations in Turkey or at Alakol Lake, and you are not financially fit to arrange the same degree of vacation for your children? Try getting in touch with a school principal and apply for free holidays at country and school camps for students from low-income families. This is certainly not a Turkish resort, but still the opportunity for a child to change the settings, get new impressions and relax.


How to get a free vacation voucher?

In order to request a vacation for children, low-income parents or foster parents need to file a request with a principal of a child’s general educational institution.
List of documents to be provided in such application:

  1. parent’s document of identification;
  2. copy of a child’s birth certificate, if born before the August 13, 2007 or outside the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  3. statement evidencing that an applicant belongs to the recipients of targeted social assistance from the government;
  4. income statements (salary statement, income from business and other activities, alimonies received, etc.);
  5. decision of an authorized body to approve guardianship, foster care for orphans and children left without parental care, who are brought up in families;
  6. copy of the decision of the board of the Education Department of Almaty to provide free vacation at suburban and school camps;
  7. copy of a medical statement issued by a psychological, medical and pedagogical board – for children with disabilities in development;
  8. health certificate with  a service recipient’s chest x-ray image attached (if any).

The end result of the service: a voucher granting free vacation at country and school camps.  

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