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How the Almaty taxi system works?

When you need to get to certain point quickly, taxi is the most convenient type of transport. Yellow New York taxies, black London cabs have become the calling card of these cities. How the Almaty taxi system works, you can find out from this article.


Taxi types

There are two types of taxi in Almaty. The first type is the so-called “official” taxi, i.e. the services agencies that provide transportation services for passengers both by counter and as per determined tariff. They have trained staff and allow ordering a car by phone. Such companies as Uber, YandexTaxi, etc., which are newcomers on the Kazakhstan market can also be related to this taxi type.

The other type is the private taxi service. A lot of city dwellers get up to it. It is enough to raise a hand standing by the side of the road to “catch a taxi”. Drivers who want to make some extra cash will pull up and invite you in if they are fine with price and address you need to get to. Together with this you should understand that there is a risk that a driver can practice upon your ignorance of the city and carry you by the longest way, take other passengers on the way, jack up the price or bring you to the wrong place.


Ordering the official taxi

To avoid risks and inconveniences connected with the “private drivers” it is better to order o car by the phone or through mobile applications. Of course, the price will be higher than if you “catch a car” on the road, but your comfort and safety are worth the cost.

The most popular mobile applications for ordering a taxi in Almaty are Uber, YandexTaxi. Their functional is the same as in any other city of the world where these companies work.

The easiest way to order a taxi in the local taxi services like “Commander”, “Leader”, “Eco Taxi”, “City Taxi”, “Econom Taxi” is to call on the phone. The telephone numbers of these taxi services agencies you can find here.

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