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How to become a property owner?

The simplest answer is to buy it. But there are many more ways to purchase real estate in property, and all of them must be confirmed by title documents. Title documents are documents on which basis arise, change and (or) terminate rights (encumbrances of rights) for real estate.


Types of title documents

Title documents for real estate can be: 

  1. purchase/sale agreement (if property was purchased);
  2. barter agreement (if property was acquired by exchange);
  3. gift agreement (if property was donated);
  4. agreement of alienation with the condition of life-long maintenance;
  5. agreement on privatization (in case of privatization of real estate);
  6. acceptance certificate (if a newly constructed or reconstructed/re-planned facility is registered);
  7. act on acquisition from public auction;
  8. certificate of ownership of a share in the common property (including spouses) (if the spouses or other co-owners have determined the size of their shares at the notary);
  9. copy of the court decision that entered into legal force, which confirms the ownership right (including the division of property, recognition of property rights in court);
  10. decision of the bailiff to transfer the property of the debtor in kind (in cases of foreclosure on property);
  11. contract on the division of property (if the owners have made a voluntary division);
  12. marriage contract (when spouses determine the rights to real estate in it);
  13. certificate of the right to inheritance (if property was inherited);
  14. memorandum of association and act of acceptance and transfer when making a contribution to the charter capital of a legal entity;
  15. decision of the property owner of the legal entity or the body authorized by the owner, or founders (participants) or the body authorized by the constituent documents of the legal entity or the decision of the judicial authority (in the reorganization of the legal entity), as well as separation balance sheet or transfer act approved by such a decision;
  16. minutes of the results of bidding, tenders, auctions, contract of direct targeted sale of state property, etc., as well as the contract of sale of property or other contract concluded on the basis of any of these minutes;
  17. decision of the akim, land purchase/sale agreement. 

These are the most common documents. The list is not exhaustive. 

The title document shall be registered at the Department of Justice of Almaty at the location of the real estate facility and contain an appropriate inscription. The right of ownership of real estate comes from the moment of its registration with an authorized body.


How to register the rights (encumbrances) on real estate?

For state registration of rights (encumbrances) of real estate in the regional branch of the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” of Almaty, it is necessary to provide: 

  1. application for state registration of the established form;
  2. document of identification;
  3. legal documents (see card 1);
  4. receipt for payment of the state duty 0,5 MCI (payable at any branch of the bank of Kazakhstan or “Kazpost” JSC according to receipt for payment received at the CSC). As of 2017 – 1134.5 tenge;

Turnaround time: from 3 to 5 working days.

The end result of the service: title document with a note on the state registration of rights (encumbrances) on real estate, or suspension of registration or a written, reasoned response to a refusal. In cases stipulated by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a certificate of state registration (on paper) will be issued to you.

On the portal – sending a notice of registration or suspension of registration, or a written reasoned response to refusal.

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