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How to enter the military courses?

Admission to the military courses at civilian higher educational institutions can be an alternative to the passage of military service in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the military courses of higher educational institutions of Almaty reserve officers are trained in 48 specialties. After completing training you have the right to enter military service on contract. Learn how to enter the military service on contract here.


What is necessary for admission?

The right to enter the military department can be used by young men and women under the age of 27, who are fit for military service for health reasons. Validity for military service is determined by the results of medical examination by the military medical commissions of the district Defense Department of Almaty before the start of military training as well as on the eve of training period.

For this purpose it is necessary to file an application to the head of the higher educational institution, attaching the following documents:

  1. application for admission;
  2. original and copy of the identity card;
  3. Military service registration certificate or military card (original and copy);
  4. 2 photos 3x4 cm;
  5. original and a copy of the document confirming the establishment of custody (guardianship);
  6. documents (if any), confirming the status of the parent as a military servant;
  7. certificate on the absence of criminal record and administrative offenses;
  8. the document (if available) confirming the sports category, prize place in the republican or international competition of performers of the current year, in the international olympiad in general subjects, as well as in the Presidential or Republican Olympiad in general subjects for the last three years.

What indicators are taken into account when considering the application?

  1. Results of medical examination of the conscription commission of the regional Department of Defense Affairs of Almaty.
  2. Results of performance of standards for physical training, established for applicants entering military educational institutions.
  3. Results of psychological test.
  4. Average score of academic achievement in an institution, determined by the results of passing the exams.

Admission of students for military training is carried out by the head of the higher educational institution based on the minutes of the selection committee on the proposal of the head of the military department.


Basic conditions of training at the military courses

  1. Applications for training at the military department are accepted from students of the 1st and 2nd years (in medical higher educational universities from the second and third years).
  2. 588 academic hours are assigned for military training, 360 academic hours of which in higher educational institutions and 228 academic hours for training (professional practice for female students).
  3. During military training, passing tests and examinations is provided. Students who do not regularly attend military training classes without valid reasons (more than 16 hours), who evade the passage of training drills or who violate discipline in the process of training at military departments and during the drills, upon the recommendation of the head of the military department are dismissed from military training by the order of the head of the higher educational institution.
  4. One year before graduating from the higher educational university, training camps are organized, in which only young men take part. Students-girls not involved in training camps pass additional practice on the received military specialty.
  5. Students pass final exams after passing the entire program of military training and training drills at military units, higher educational institutions and institutions of the Armed Forces.

After completing the full course of military training, passing examinations, training drills and obtaining a diploma of completing the higher educational institution, you are given the military rank “reserve lieutenant”. These data are reflected in the military card, which you will receive after the end of the military department. Learn how to get a military card here.

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