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How to file a request/complaint with an akimat (local municipal administration)?

If you have any questions regarding what an akimat does and regarding its departments, you want to complain about the actions of akimat's officials, or you have a suggestion, request or demand, you can contact the Akimat of Almaty and District Akimats in the following ways:

  1. sending a written request to the Administrative Office/Chancellery;
  2. via www.egov.kz; via official website of the Almaty Akimat - www.almaty.gov.kz; 
  3. via official website of the Almaty city Akimat in the section "Question for Akim";
  4. via official accounts of the Almaty city Akimat in social networks: Instagram, Facebook, VK, Twitter, Ok.ru;
  5. via official websites of the local district akimats;
  6. via Open Almaty portal - just indicate all the details in your request.

Please keep in mind that only the requests filed with the akimat’s chancellery or www.egov.kz shall be deemed official requests, since these comply with the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Procedure for Considering Appeals from Individuals and Legal Entities" and are signed directly by the applicant.

In turn, requests filed with the website of the Almaty Akimat - www.almaty.gov.kz - to the section "Question for Akim", and social networks such as instagram, facebook, vk, twitter, and ok.ru, as well as through OpenAlmaty portal are also accepted for consideration by the Akimat, but are not regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Procedure for Considering Appeals from Individuals and Legal Entities".


Requirements to be followed in writing a request

  1. A request should be addressed to an entity or an official who is authorized to consider matters brought up in such request.
  2. A request from an individual shall specify his/her last name, first name, and also a middle name, Individual Identification Number (if any), postal address; if a request is filed by a legal entity, such request is to specify its name, postal address, and business identification number. A request must be signed by an individual or by a representative of a legal entity (when applying via www.egov.kz, a request must be confirmed by an electronic digital signature).
  3. If a complaint is to be filed, it should include the name of an entity or a position, names and initials of officials whose actions are being appealed, as well as reasons for a complaint and demands.
  4. An applicant who has directly applied in writing or with a video message to an entity shall be issued a voucher with the date and time, the last name and initials of the person who accepted the complaint (when applying via www.egov.kz, an electronic voucher is issued).
  5. Requests filed in accordance with the procedure established by the Law shall be admitted, registered, taken stock of and considered in a mandatory manner. Requests cannot be denied from being accepted.
  6. The following will not be considered and reviewed:
  • anonymous requests, except when such a request contains information about criminal offenses being prepared or committed or about a threat to state or public security, to be immediately redirected to relevant authorities in accordance with their competence;
  • requests that do not detail the substance

How long it takes to review the requests?

  1. Requests shall be considered within 15 calendar days of receipt.
  2. Requests that require information from other organizations or officials in order to be properly considered and reviewed or to make it necessary to conduct on-site verification shall be considered within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt, with a decision to be made within the same period.

Note: where it is necessary to conduct additional examination or verification, the consideration period shall be extended for no more than thirty calendar days, which is communicated to an applicant within three calendar days from the date of extension of the consideration period.


Responses to requests

To the extent of their competence, Akimat and its departments and officials shall:

  1. make sure that requests of individuals and legal entities are considered and reviewed in an objective, comprehensive and timely manner and, if necessary, participate in such review;
  2. take measures aimed at restoring the transgressed rights and freedoms of individuals and legal entities;
  3. inform applicants about the results of consideration of their requests and the measures taken;
  4. notify applicants about their request being redirected to other relevant legal entities or officials in accordance with their competence.

Responses to requests must be substantiated and reasoned, laid out in the state language or language of the request with reference to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan; such responses must contain specific facts that refute or confirm an applicant's arguments, explaining their right to appeal against a decision.

Important to know!

If you disagree with a response to your request, you are entitled to file a grievance with a superior body or official or appeal to a court.

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