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How to get a room in the student hostel?

Rooms in dormitories of state educational institutions are distributed on a competitive basis by a commission of representatives of the educational institution, students and youth policy organizations. In connection with the limited number of rooms in student hostels of state educational institutions, priority is given to students from the privileged category of citizens who are studying on a grant and who really need housing. Therefore, students permanently residing in Almaty and having permanent registration here cannot claim a room in the student hostel of state educational organizations.


Submit an application on egov.kz portal

To submit an application on the egov.kz portal you need to: 

  1. obtain EDS (electronic digital signature);
  2. fill out the application and sign it with the EDS. 

Turnaround time: 3 working days.

The end result of the service: referral slip of providing the hostel to students in higher educational institutions.


Apply to a higher educational institution

To apply to the higher educational institution you shall provide the following documents:  

  1. copy of the identity document;
  2. copy of the death certificate of both or the only parent or a certificate from the orphanage (if available);
  3. copy of the certificate of the oralman’s status (if available);
  4. certificate of 4 or more children in the family (if the family has many children);
  5. certificate of proof of disability (if available).

Turnaround time: 3 working days.

The end result of the service: referral slip of providing the hostel to students in higher educational institutions. 


Priority categories

  1. Disabled persons from childhood, invalids of I and II categories, orphans and children left without parental care, children who have one of their parents disabled.
  2. Youth left without parental care at the moment of reaching adulthood, persons equal in benefits and guarantees to participants and disabled veterans of the World War II, rural youth who entered the specialty that determines the socio-economic development of the village, as well as oralmans who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  3. Students studying within the program “Mangilik el zhastary – industriyaga!” (“Serpin-2050”).
  4. Students enrolled for the first year who have the “Altyn Belgi” medal, students who have the certificate of the winner of the Presidential, International and Republican Olympiad and (or) competitions, as well as applicants who graduated with honors with the confirming document of education (secondary school certificate, reference letter, diploma).
  5. Students enrolled for the first year in accordance with the state educational order, having a high score based on the results of the Unified National Testing or Comprehensive Testing, entrance examinations in subjects or in the form of testing conducted by the organization.
  6. Students from the number of senior students who have high results in academic, scientific and social work. 

Important to remember!

A candidate for a room in a hostel shall not have a property in the territory of Kazakhstan. 

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