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How to join military contract service?

In Kazakhstan, there are two types of military service - a mandatory conscription service and voluntary contract service. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan today focus on building an army of professionals, and, thus, military service under contract is becoming of particular importance. A decision to join military contract service is made by volunteers deliberately and responsibly, which raises the quality and prestige of the army.


Who may join military contract service?

Not everyone can join. As an applicant for voluntary military service, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. you need to be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. you need to be at least as young as 19 years old (does not apply to military cadets) and not older than five years below the ceiling age for military service depending on your military rank;
  3. you already need to have  a military occupational specialty that corresponds to your military rank;
  4. you must first complete compulsory military service or complete a study at a university’s military division, or get a military training at specialized organizations of the Defense Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan that provide reserve training, except for women.

A ceiling age for military service

  1. Soldiers and junior sergeants – 45 years old. 
  2. Senior sergeants and officers up to lieutenant colonels (2nd rank captain) inclusively – 47 years old.
  3. Senior sergeants and colonels (first rank captains) - 55 years old.
  4. Major generals (rear admirals), general lieutenants, (vice-admirals) – 60 years old.
  5. Colonel generals, flag ranks and army generals – 63 years old.

Servicepersons who have reached their ceiling age shall be dismissed or shall resign in the manner prescribed by the Provisions of Military Service.

Servicepersons who have reached their ceiling age and engage in teaching and research activities and have a master’s degree, academic degrees or titles submit a report to have their term of military service extended by heads of authorized agencies through a new contract of up to 5 years.


Additional terms under which you may be enlisted under contract

  1. If you did not serve at a regular army, you may be entitled to apply for contractual service only after you have completed training at specialized organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Regarding training at specialized organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, you will need to contact a district-based Department of Defense in Almaty at the place of your registration.
  2. If you were dismissed from the service for negative reasons, you may be entitled to join the service under contract after three years. For those dismissed for negative reasons prior to March 6, 2012, this period has been reduced to 1 year.
  3. You can join contract service if you have completed full-time education at the educational institutions of the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the prosecutor's office, the internal affairs, the financial police, the state fire service, the customs authorities) and special state bodies (the national security bodies, the foreign intelligence, Security Service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan). The term of training at these educational institutions is equivalent to the term of military service.

How to join contract service?

If you intend to join military service under contract, you should file an application with a district-based Department of Defense of Almaty.

In such application, you should indicate:

  1. your name, surname, patronymic, month and year of birth, place of living;
  2. name of an authorized body with which you wish to enter into a contract, a military unit (state institution);
  3. the term of a contract that you envisage.

Please attach the following documents to your application:

  1. your background information on a prescribed form;
  2. autobiography personally signed;
  3. original and copy of a document of your identity and citizenship;
  4. copies of diplomas and certificates (certified with a notary if originals are not provided);
  5. copy of an employment record, if any;
  6. statement of clean criminal record;
  7. statement that a tax authority accepted your income declaration;
  8. reference from the last place of service (employment or study);
  9. formal proof that you have gone through military training at a specialized educational organization of the Ministry of Defense, except for women – for persons who were not in military service before, and who did not study in the military department of a higher educational institution.

How to proceed?

If you comply with the above conditions, you then pass a preliminary and final medical examination.

Where military service involves dealing with state secret documents, you will be checked for admission to state secrets (clearance procedure).

Then the documents are sent to the military base for review by the selection committee, which verifies whether your education complies with military occupational specialty, degree of your physical training, professional suitability for the position (based on professional and psychological screening data).


If currently you are in mandatory conscription service

You may join service under contract, if you are in mandatory conscription service.

To do this, you will need to provide the following:

1. submit a report to a commander of a military base or a head of a state institution at the place of service.

*If you are an officer, your report must be submitted a month before your mandatory conscription service is completed. 

A report of a soldier who is in mandatory conscription service and who is willing to join military service under contract is registered and accepted by a commander of a military base (head of a state institution) for review.

A commander of a military base (head of a state institution) must review your report and make a decision on it within 10 business days.

2. pass:

  • medical examination;
  • professional and psychological screening; 
  • special check in the manner established by the National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • psychophysiological and polygraph tests if you are to serve at  military intelligence agencies of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and if you are to be exposed to weapons and ammunition in arsenals, at bases and arms depots;
  • check for compliance of your level of education, professional and physical training with the established requirements for servicemen under contract;
  • clearance procedure to make sure you can access state secrets, if you are to be considered for a position that deals with state secrets.

A decision to accept you into military service under contract is communicated to you and requires your signature. 


    Signing a contract

    Joining voluntary military service means that you are to sign a contract that establishes mutual obligations and responsibilities between you and a military base.

    The following has to be reflected in the contract:

    1. identities of the parties;
    2. name and location of an authorized state agency;
    3. rank, name, surname, patronymic and position of an official of an authorized state agency;
    4. name, surname, patronymic of the person entering military service under contract, as well as a name, number and date of issue of his/her identification document;
    5. title of the position (occupation) which a contract serviceperson is to enter;
    6. contract term;
    7. date on which you begin your duty and a number of an appointment order;
    8. details of service conditions, guarantees and compensation;
    9. working and leisure hours;
    10. terms of compensation and occupational safety;
    11. rights and obligations of the parties;
    12. procedure for amending, termination and extension of the contract;
    13. a mark of acknowledgment of the contract terms;
    14. responsibilities of the parties;
    15. signatures of the parties, seal of the authorized state body.

    A contract is concluded in writing, made in two copies and signed by the parties. One copy of the contract is given to a person who enters military service under contract. The date specified in the contract and in the appointment order is the date of the beginning of the performance of duties by such serviceperson.


    Duration of service under contract

    There are the following terms of service under contract:

    1. 3 years;
    2. 5 years;
    3. 10 years until you reach a ceiling age or for a period of studying at a military educational institution.

    The first contract is to be signed for three years and then it can be extended at your request for the above period.


    Who is not accepted into military service under contract?

    1. Persons recognized by court as legally incapable or partially incapacitated.
    2. Persons with a disease that prevents them from military service in accordance with the statement of the military medical commission.
    3. Persons who have refused to assume and bear the restrictions established by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    4. Persons with a criminal background and released from criminal liability for non-rehabilitative reasons or facing criminal justice.
    5. Persons who were held liable for corruption within two years before joining military service.
    6. Persons who faced administrative enforcement for willful misconduct within 3 years prior to joining military service.
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