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How to transfer a child to another school?

Nowadays the cases when children study at the same school all 11 years from the first grade are very seldom. Parents often have to transfer a child from the school that has already become a home school to another one, for example, because of moving to another district of the city. In this article we will tell you how to arrange documents for transferring a child from one educational institution to another.

When you move to another school the place of registration and residence of the student will be taken into account.


The process of transferring a child to another school

In order to transfer your child to a new school you need to:

  1. take an arrival slip at the new school;
  2. pass the slip to the previous place of study, receive an absentee slip and personal documents of the student;
  3. write an application to the head of school on the enrollment of the child;
  4. attach to the application the following documents: 
  • 2 photographs 3х4 cm;
  • copy and original of the birth certificate;
  • certificate of health status of 086-u form;
  • personal file from the previous place of study;
  • statement of residence. 

Note: application on transferring of a child to another school is reviewed by the territorial divisions of Education Department of Almaty city.


Other situations that may arise

  1. Foreign children have equal rights to study as the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In order to enroll a foreign child in school you need to attach a residence permit to the application (issued by the regional department of the Migration Police Department of the Almaty Department of Internal Affairs).
  2. Stateless persons must have a certificate of a stateless person. Refugees, respectively, refugee certificate. Oralmans – oralman’s certificate or a certificate issued by the migration police.
  3. Temporary residents shall have a copy of the passport and a copy of the migration card.
  4. All these documents shall be submitted to the educational institution at the place of registration. 
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