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I am a recruit

In the life of every man comes the stage of urgent military service in the army. The ability to protect your home and the land on which you live is a necessary quality of a man, as the support of a family and citizen of Kazakhstan. You are subject to draft for urgent military service at the age of 18-27. You are not entitled to a deferment or release from the draft.


Military registration

Military registration is conducted to determine the number of future recruits, degree of suitability for military service, establishment of their general educational level, received specialty and level of physical preparedness.

As soon as you reach the age of 17, you are subject to military registration by record to the draft office at the place of your permanent residence or temporary residence. Upon passage of a certain procedure, you receive a certificate of registration (a certificate of registration).

Registration to the draft offices is held annually from January to March. 

You have the right not to attend the registration at the set time only in cases, if there is:

  1. disease (trauma) associated with disability;
  2. death or serious illness of a close relative;
  3. obstacle of natural phenomena, which deprived you of the opportunity to come personally. 

For all the above reasons for non-attendance, you must provide supporting documents.


Who is not a subject to military registration?

  1. Women who do not have a military specialty.
  2. Persons released from the performance of military duties in accordance with this Law.
  3. Persons serving a sentence of imprisonment.
  4. Permanent residents outside the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Procedure of recruitment

1. Presentation of the draft notice to recruits who reached the age of 17. 

5 days before the deadline for attending the recruiting office, the Almaty Department of Defense Affairs officers shall hand you in a draft notice indicating the time and place of military registration. 

Handing of the draft notice is carried out at the place of residence.

2. Arrival of the draftee to the regional Department of Defense Affairs of Almaty.

In order to be registered, you must arrive at the district Department of Defense Affairs of Almaty at the place of registration in the time specified in the draft notice.

3. Passing medical examination. 

Medical examination is carried out in stages.

The first stage of the examination is carried out by the district draft commission. 

Registration commission examines your documents taking into account the type of occupation, specialty, education, general development, results of medical examination, conduct a personal conversation and take one of the following decisions:

  • "A" – suitable for military service;
  • "B" – suitable for military service with minor restrictions;
  • "C" – physically limited to military service;
  • "D" – temporarily non-effective;
  • "E" – non-effective for military service in peacetime, physically limited in war-time;
  • "F" – non-effective with the exception of military records. 

The second stage of examination is carried out by the regional draft commission: 

  • checks the correctness of granting a deferment from draft to military service;
  • revises personal data of recruits recognized non-effective;
  • examines complaints and appeals of citizens to decisions of regional (cities of regional subordinance) draft commissions. If violations are found in the decisions of the regional (cities of regional subordinance) commissions, these decisions are cancelled.

4. Receiving a certificate of registration.

After passing medical examination it is necessary to obtain a certificate of registration issued in: 

  • State Corporation “Government for Citizens”;
  • local bodies of military administration .

In order to obtain a certificate of registration (registration card), you shall provide the following documents: 

  • application for issuance of a certificate of registration to the draft office;
  • extract from the minute-book of the district (city) medical commission;
  • identity card (for identification);
  • picture 3x4 – 2 pieces. 

Turnaround time: 30 working days.

The end result of the service: issuance of certificates for registration to draft offices. 

The registration certificate (registration card) is valid until you are called up for service or decommissioned to the reserve. After removing you from the military registration and obtaining a military card, the registration certificate is withdrawn and transferred to the military enlistment office for destruction.


Registration certificate

The registration certificate shall contain:

  1. personal data of the recruit (surname, name, patronymic of the recruit, date and month of birth);
  2. results of the medical commission (effective/non-effective for military service). 

If you are recognized at the recruit as “non-effective for military service with the exception of military registration” and “non-effective for military service in peacetime, limited effective in wartime,” a military card with a corresponding entry is issued.

Invalids of categories I and II, upon passing through the registration to the draft offices, a military card with a note “non-effective for military service” (based on the decision of the regional draft commission and notarized copies of documents confirming disability) is issued. For obtaining a written military card, the owner or his close relative can apply to the regional branch of the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” of Almaty (CSC) at the place of registration.


Loss of registration certificate

In case of loss of the registration certificate the registrant shall apply for obtaining a duplicate within seven working days in the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” at the place of residence and provide:

  1. application for issuance of a duplicate of the registration certificate;
  2. photograph. 

Depending on the reason for loss of the registration certificate you must additionally attach one of the following certificates: 

  1. certificate of the District Internal Affairs Department of Almaty – at establishing the fact of theft of documents;
  2. certificate of the Emergency Department in Almaty – in case of loss (destruction of documents) in the event of natural disaster;
  3. certificate of the Fire Service Department of Almaty – when establishing the fact of destruction of documents in case of fire. 

When changing the surname, name, patronymic of a registrant, it is necessary to attach to the application: 

  1. photograph 3x4 – 2 pieces;
  2. copy of the identity card;
  3. copies of supporting documents (certificates on the change of name, patronymic, surname).

Procedure for changing the draft office

In case of change of the permanent residence or temporary leave (for a term exceeding three months), within 7 working days it is necessary to apply to the regional branch of the State Corporation “Government for Citizens” (CSC) at the place of residence with the application for military registration. In the absence of the Department of Defense Affairs (military enlistment office) in the settlement, apply to the akimat of the village, aul (settlement), aul (rural) district. 

When moving to another locality for permanent residence or in connection with admission to the higher educational institution, it is necessary to withdraw from the military registration.

For withdrawal from military registration it is necessary to: 

  1. apply to the regional Department of Defense Affairs of Almaty;
  2. submit a written statement with the indication of the reasons for withdrawal from military registration and the exact address of the new place of residence. 

Change of the draft office is allowed during the period: from January to March and from July to September. At other times, change of the draft office can be allowed only for recruits: 

  1. transferred by the administration to work in another locality;
  2. changed the place of residence;
  3. enrolled in an educational institution and leaves for continuing education.

Draft for urgent military service

Draft for urgent military service is held twice a year from April to June and from October to December.
The draft commission, having familiarized with the personal record, makes a decision on recognition as suitable for military service, provision of deferment or exemption from the military duty of a citizen.
Turnaround time is 1 year.
If the period of your service was deferred for valid reasons, you have the right to undergo paid training. The turnaround time will make 1 month. After the expiration of one month, it will be necessary to pass an exam. When passing the exam, you will receive all necessary documents for obtaining a military card. 
At the end of the urgent military service, you have the right to continue to serve in contract forces. If you have higher education, but have not been trained in the military department, the turnaround time will be reduced to 6 months.
After termination of the military service you should receive the military card – the document defining your affiliation with the military service. After removing from the military registration of a citizen and obtaining a military card, the registration certificate is withdrawn and transferred to the military enlistment office for destruction.


You need to remember!

Urgent military service is your civic duty. If you are not engaged in a military registration without a valid reason on demand of the military enlistment office, liability in the form of a fine of 5 MCI is provided. Warning or a fine in the amount of 3 MCI may be issued for avoiding medical examination or inspection on the referral slip of the Commission for military registration of citizens or the draft commission. Evasion of registrants from military fees entails a fine in the amount of 5 MCI. As of 2017 MCI = 2269 tenge.

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