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Importing a car from abroad


How to register a car?

You may register your car at any registration unit at the border or at the Specialized CSC.

Experts will check the safety of the vehicle's design, the authenticity of the numbered units and license plates and their compliance with the data specified in the vehicle documents as well as will check if your car is not listed in the stolen cars’ register. You will receive a vehicle registration statement, which is valid for 20 calendar days.


Required documents

  1. Service recipient’s document of identification.
  2. Statement of a vehicle registration (deregistration) - if you are receiving the service at the Specialized CSC, this document is not required.
  3. A vehicle.
  4. A copy of the statement confirming the state registration.
  5. Proof of payment of state duty in the amount of 0.25 MCI for the registration service and 1.25 MCI for obtaining the vehicle registration certificate; 2.8 MCI - for license plates (you can pay at limited service branches of second-tier banks or at the Specialized CSC).
  6. Fulfillment of the extended obligations by manufacturers (importers) upon the initial registration of vehicles specified by the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  7. Technical document (technical passport and car registration certificate).
  8. Certificate of a manufacturer or a company that installed special (or specialized) equipment at the vehicle within the Republic of Kazakhstan or the relevant customs documents for the imported equipment, and certificate of conformity.
  9. A proof of title.
  10. The sales contracts, gift deeds, barter deeds, proof of entitlement to inheritance (if available).
  11. "Transit" license plates and registration documents of vehicles imported into the Republic of Kazakhstan under the obligation to re-export.
  12. An organization's referral to work with the diplomatic corps (for foreign drivers).
  13. Approval of a vehicle type, approval of vehicle chassis type.
  14. Vehicle design safety certificate.

Note: you may submit vehicle inspection reports drawn up at the location of vehicles and certified with the signature and seal of an official of the authorized body. The validity of such statement is 20 calendar days.

For more detailed step-by-step instruction, please go here.

Turnaround time: no more than 2 hours.

The end result of the service: your vehicle registered and certain types of vehicles registered based on a vehicle identification number.

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