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Installation of hot and cold water meters

Metering devices or meters are means for measuring, accumulating, storing and displaying information on water flow rate.
Hot and cold water supply is performed under the contract with public utility company. The main terms and conditions of supply are indicated in the contract, so in order to avoid unpleasant cases, please familiarize yourself with the text of the contract.
As per the requirements of applicable legislation, service consumer shall have metering devices for regulated public utility services.


Who shall install meters and pay for their installation?

Only licensed organizations have a right to install water meters. Acceptance of individual metering device (IMD) shall be performed from the moment of sealing by service provider representatives.
Service provider shall purchase and install metering devices for regulated public utility services to consumers in accordance with the contracts concluded with consumers.
Service consumer has a right to demand installation of metering devices or purchase and install them by himself.
In other words, installation of meters shall be performed by public utility company unless otherwise stated in the contract.


What organizations do install individual metering device (IMD)?

Works on installation of a new metering device, disassembly (removal) of meter, reinstallation of already existing meter and calibration refer to a licensed type of activity, and thus they shall be performed by representatives of enterprises or companies having a license for this type of activity, with drawing up relevant documents – acts of disassembly, assembly, and with handing over of copies of such documents to Consumer.
SPE on REM “Bastau” of Management of Energy and Utilities of Almaty city (hereinafter referred to as SPE “Bastau”) has been performing installation and replacement of individual cold water metering devices since 01.01.2014.
To install and/or replace IMD, it is necessary to conclude the contract for IMD installation and pay for the service.

The Department of the Agency on Regulation of Natural Monopolies of the RoK in Almaty city on 04.09.2013 had set values on the following types of works:

  1. initial installation of IMD – 10000 KZT inc. VAT;
  2. replacement of existing IMD – 5500 KZT inc. VAT.

If you have any questions, please contact: +7 /727/ 3 777 444 and +7 /727/ 227 60 84 or at the address: 196 Zharokov Street, office No. 109.


What shall be paid attention to when installing IMD?

Metering device shall be installed as per IMD instruction, it is necessary to check continuity of device (seal), compare the meter number with IMD passport. Calibration interval shall be calculated from the moment of device issue from the manufacturing plant and/or from the moment of calibration, but not from the moment of installation.
The documents confirming IMD installation are IMD passport and Act of IMD installation (assembly) issued by the licensed organization.


How to install seal?

In case of repair works, sealing shall be performed only by SPE “Bastau” representatives. Seal replacement may be performed by the enterprise or company having a license for this type of activity.
Seal installation period for individuals (apartment, private house) – during 15 days.
Sealing of cold water metering devices shall be performed by authorized representatives of Supplier FOR FREE!


May I remove a seal in case of emergency?

It is absolutely forbidden for consumer to remove a seal by himself. In case of seal breakage, the cost of cold or hot water will be charged from the date of the last calibration and taking of IMD readings till the moment of sealing by full pipe capacity. In order to avoid heavy spending, it is necessary to file an application for unsealing and wait for SPE “Bastau” representative.
The representative of cooperative of apartment owners may unseal IMD only in case of emergency, having drawn up an act on metering device stoppage, with the last readings, only in individuals.


IMD calibration

The order and intervals of calibration shall be set by the authorized government body on standardization, metrology and certification and depended on the type of meter. Calibration of metering device shall be performed upon the expiry of calibration interval defined according to its technical passport, where there is a mark on the last calibration date from which counting of calibration interval for this type of device is taken.
IMD calibration shall be performed at the cost of consumer.
State calibration of water metering devices shall be performed by those organizations which have accreditation of authorized bodies. At present, there are several such organizations in Almaty.
IMD calibration may be performed without its removal, if organization having accreditation for this type of activity has the appropriate equipment.


How to know when cold water meters shall be replaced in the absence of IMD passport?

“Alseco” JSC billing invoice has an information line which brings to notice on the necessity of IMD calibration with the following content: “Attention, your cold water IMD shall be calibrated by … (date), otherwise the charges will be calculated taking into account the number of residents”. Or you should contact the operators which will provide detailed information by the following phone: +7 /727/ 3 777 444.


How to hand over IMD readings by myself?

1. By phone number of unified call center of the enterprise: +7 /727/ 3 -777- 444.
2. In consumer service centers.
3. Fill the table placed on the back of Alseco billing invoice.
4. Via user account on the web site: http://www.alseco.kz/.
5. Via user account of “Alseco” JSC having installed the appropriate application to your smart phone.

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