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Medical assistance to foreign citizens

In the sphere of health protection foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan enjoy the rights and freedoms established for the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For foreigners temporary residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan medical assistance is provided in the order established by the health authority of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Volume of free medical services for foreigners

According to paragraph 5 of Art. 88 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the health of the people and the health care system", foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are entitled to receive a guaranteed volume of free medical care for acute diseases that are dangerous to others, in accordance with the list determined by the authorized person body, unless otherwise provided for by international treaties ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

These diseases include:

  1. diphtheria;
  2. measles;
  3. rubella;
  4. whooping cough;
  5. Sarlet fever;
  6. chicken pox;
  7. epidemic parotitis;
  8. paratyphuses A, B, C;
  9. poliomyelitis;
  10. Atypical forms of influenza;
  11. meningococcal infection;
  12. сholera;
  13. typhoid fever;
  14. tuberculosis (pulmonary tuberculosis with bacterial discharge until a double smear conversion is achieved for the presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis, acute progressive forms of tuberculosis (meningitis, miliary tuberculosis) until a state that does not pose a threat to the life of the patient and achieving a double smear conversion for the presence of tuberculosis microbacterium tuberculosis spine, complicated by a violation of the function of the spinal cord, until reaching a state that allows you to move independently without medical support of the conversation);
  15. pulmonary form of anthrax;
  16. plague;
  17. hemorrhagic viral fevers;
  18. viral hepatitis A, E;
  19. malaria.

Medical services for citizens of CIS member states

In accordance with the Agreement on rendering medical assistance to citizens of CIS member states that came into force for the Republic of Kazakhstan on March 20, 2000, emergency medical care is provided free of charge to citizens of CIS member states.

"Emergency and urgent medical care" is a complex of medical services provided for acute disorders of the patient's physical or mental health, which threaten their life or the health of others.
In the case of sudden acute disorders and diseases of a foreign citizen of a CIS member state that threatens the life of the patient or the health of others, accidents, poisonings, injuries, childbirth and emergency conditions during pregnancy, citizens are provided free of charge and in full with treatment and prophylactic institutions (TPI) of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
From the moment when the threat to the life of the patient or the health of others is eliminated and transportation is possible, further medical assistance is provided on a paid basis, at the expense of personal funds of citizens, insurance companies, as well as charitable contributions and donations from enterprises and organizations.
Provision of routine medical assistance to foreign citizens of CIS member states in the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out on a paid basis, with mutual settlements at contract prices or current price lists.

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