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Medical assistance to the military

Ensuring military security is one of the main state objectives of the national army of Kazakhstan. Along with its modernization and technical upgrade, emphasis is placed on the social security of servicepersons. Just like ordinary citizens, active military personnel and their family members as well as those discharged from military service because of age or state of wellness are entitled to free medical care.


How is medical assistance provided?

Medical assistance is provided to servicepersons at specialized military medical institutions in Almaty. If there are no appropriate departments or special equipment at such hospitals, you can contact other public or private medical institutions within the scope of guaranteed medical care. To find out how to get medical assistance, click here.


Registration at a military medical institution

To be registered with a military medical institution, you will need to provide the following documents: 

  1. your official ID of a serviceperson;
  2. birth certificate;
  3. family members’ documents of identification;
  4. pension certificate.

Note: when you get registered with a medical institution, you receive an outpatient card, which is stored at the appointment desk of an outpatient department.


Benefits for the military

  1. If you get wounds, contusions, injuries or become sick while performing the duties of military service, you have the first-priority right to receive treatment at a health retreat at the expense of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. If there are any medical indications, army conscripts, cadets of military educational institutions and students of military boarding schools are also provided with free resort therapy at military health retreats.
  2. As a military, you also have the right to free dental care within the scope of the state-guaranteed amount. To request dental care, you can contact the Central Military Dental Clinic in Almaty.
  3. You are entitled to annual health benefits.
  4. Female servicepersons enjoy all the social benefits in the process of child birth or adoption. 
  5. If your child under the age of 3 or one of your family members receives inpatient treatment at a medical facility or needs additional medical care as advised by doctors, you may be granted a temporary exemption from military service. In this case, you need to write a report addressed to the head of the institution at the place of your service.

Note: by the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, parents and their children are deemed as family members.

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