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My child is mistreated and humiliated at school

Every parent is willing to do everything to ensure that his or her child does not experience pain and humiliation. Unfortunately, the world around us is not always kind and friendly. Children can be cruel to each other, and adults can take advantage of their superiority over children. And all this can be happening at school, where you take your child every day. We hope that you have a good connection with your child, and your child will come to you to share if he or she is subjected to humiliation or insult. But no matter how you will learn about this problem, you need to take all measures to prevent this from happening again.


What do you need to undertake?

If you have found out that your child is subjected to humiliation at school, you must immediately take measures to prevent this from happening again.

If your child is humiliated by other students (verbal abuse, physical humiliation or extortion), you should raise this issue with the supervising teacher and the school principal. Make sure you engage a designated juvenile officer who will need to find out the reasons for what happened.

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you can write a complaint to the district office of the Education Department of Almaty at the location of your child’s school. You, as a parent, need to be as tactful and attentive to your child as possible while the proceedings are taking place, so as not to cause your child even more psychological distress. You need to make sure that – while the circumstances are being clarified and probed into – your child does not become the target for ridicule and hidden mockery from other children. Take your child to a school psychologist. Communicate more with your kid, and do not let him or her become reserved, and henceforth always be interested in what is happening in the life of your child.

If your kid is harassed or humiliated by a teacher, you will need to inform the school administration and file a complaint with the District Department of Education in Almaty. You and your child may call a hot line of the Children’s Rights Committee 8 (717) 2 74 25 28 or a nationwide phone line 150.

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