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Payment bills for hot water and heating – what we pay for?

Every month when the time to pay the bills comes many of us wonder why we always have the line “recalculation” or “debt” in our bills, where the data in the column “accrued” comes from. Let us get all this straightened out.


Reasons for recalculation

There two main reasons for recalculation: if there are no individual meter readings or if the check-up term of the individual meter is expired.

In case if the regional transmission company lacks opportunity to take the readings of the meter (the consumer is not at home, did not open the door to the inspector and other reasons) and the consumer fails to provide the information on his own, the calculation is made basing on the average daily heat consumption for the previous period. The average daily consumption is estimated from the data for the previous two times.

Thus, due to the lack of actual readings of the hot water individual meter for the moment of charging the column “debt/overpay” displays your debt or overpay.

Together with this if the consumer renders the individual meter readings in some time the transmission company will recalculate the charge basing on the actual readings. So, after the actual readings of the IHWM are entered, the recalculation on the “hot water” service is to be made and displayed in the following monthly billing document in the column “recalculation”.

Let us review an example. The readings of the meter on 15.06.2017 comprise 357,00 m3, paid-up – 347,30 m3, the usage is 9,699*445,89tg/m3=4 325,70 tenge.

It is important!

If you don’t have individual heat meter, the discrepancy of the apartment meters and communal heat meter falls completely on your shoulders. That means that the water usage on the communal meter is divided only between the apartments without individual meters. Payments should be done every month.

Only individual meter installation can change the situation.

Pay attention to the margin “paid-up” in the billing documents of “Alseko” JSC for it is shows all the payments for hot water in cubic meters.


How can you render the meter readings?

Summing up, to avoid the mess in calculation for hot water, it is necessary to provide the inspector with the data or render the information of the individual meter readings in one of the following ways:

  1. by means of SMS or WhatsApp mobile application specifying the current account (the number of the agreement) on the number +7 (701) 098 45 05;
  2. filling a special form on website www.alts.kz clicking the link “Hot water meter readings reception”;
  3. sending a message with a photo of the meter attached (up to 3Mb) and the number of your current account via e-mail: pokazania@alts.kz;
  4. filling in the column “last” of the margin “Hot water. Consumer” of the billing document (receipt) at the moment of payment for communal public services. If there are two and more IHMs, you should write down the sum of the readings of all the IHMs in the column “last”;
  5. “personal account” on website www.alts.kz;
  6. on the phone: +7 (727) 341 07 77.

For legal entities

The readings should be rendered from 20th to 29th of each month to the following address: 221, Bayzakov Str., Almaty, or via e-mail: ur@alts.kz.

Phone number to place a request for IHWM inspection: 341 07 77, ext. 2155, 2130.

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