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Time to go to the first grade!

Congratulations to you and your child with such a significant event as the beginning of a school life! School time is one of the brightest and most interesting periods of life. Let it be easy and fruitful for your child!

Secondary schools of Almaty city: schools, high schools, grammar schools, - admit as first-graders all children who live in their respective neighborhoods and who have reached the age of six by September 1 of a school year regardless of their level of training. Any educational institution maintains an individual-focused record of children of preschool and school age within the residential district that is assigned to such school.

Admission applications from parents or other legal representatives (guardians, foster parents) of children who are ready to go to the first grade of elementary education schools are accepted from June 1 to August 30 of the current year.


Placing your child at school at egov.kz portal

In order to request admission of your child to a school using egov.kz, you will need to obtain EDS (electronic digital signature), log in and file a request. Please attach the following to your application: 

  1. your child’s birth certificate (if born before 2008);
  2. digital photo (jpg, jpeg, not more than 2 Mb);
  3. health certificate (086/e format) (issued by your polyclinic);
  4. a statement of the pedagogical, medical and psychological commission (if any).

Turnaround time: 5 working days. 

The end result of the service: notification of admission to a school in the form of an electronic document signed by an electronic digital signature of the  service provider’s authorized person. 

Note: records on a service recipient’s identity document or birth certificate (if born after 2008) are obtained from the relevant state information systems through the "e-government" gateway.


Contacting your school directly

To request admission directly through a school, you must provide the following documents:

  1. application from legal representatives (in a free form);
  2. 2 photos of your child (3х4 cm);
  3. child’s birth certificate (original and copy);
  4. your child’s health certificate or 086/е health statement (from your polyclinic);
  5. a statement of the pedagogical,  medical and psychological commission (if any).

The following may be additionally required (if such status is granted):

  1. foreigner’s residence permit in Kazakhstan;
  2. stateless person’s identity card;
  3. refugee identity card;
  4. asylum-seeker’s identity card;
  5. repatriate’s ID.

What do you need to know?

  1. When your child is admitted to the first grade, no examinations, tests or competitions are taken.
  2. Admission to specialized education organizations and specialized schools for the gifted children is contest-based.
  3. Pupils from low-income families are entitled to free hot food.
  4. Pupils from low-income families are entitled to free vacation in country and school camps. 
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