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Unauthorized dump site

How often do you see mountains of garbage in the city piling up where they are not supposed to be? People leave garbage expecting that employees of garbage collection companies will take care of it. But the clean and neat city of Almaty is the responsibility of every resident. Therefore, if you see an unauthorized dump site or someone leaving garbage in undesignated places, do not ignore that. We will tell in our article what to do in this case.


What premises is a dumb site located in?

If you know the owner of the premises, ask him to remove garbage. You may rely on the following information:

According to Article 505 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, violation of the rules of the landscaping for urban and residential areas as well as destruction of infrastructure and green areas in cities and towns entails a warning or penalty in the amount of twenty monthly calculation indices for individuals, thirty monthly calculation indices for small businesses or non-profit organizations, forty monthly calculation indices for medium-sized businesses, and hundred monthly calculation indices for large businesses. If the said violations are committed repeatedly within a year after an administrative penalty is imposed, individuals shall face the fine of thirty monthly calculation indices; small businesses or non-profit organizations – forty monthly calculation indices; medium-sized businesses – fifty monthly calculation indices, and large businesses - three hundred monthly calculation indices.

If the owner of the premises has not removed the garbage, you can seek assistance from the internal affairs agencies (telephone number: 102) or specialized district-based and equivalent administrative courts, which will make a person responsible pay a fine and clean up the premises.

You don’t know who the owner of the premises is? To find out who the owner is, you can send a request to the akimat testifying the location of an unauthorized landfill with photo or video evidence.

If the premises in which the dump site has been detected belong to the state, then describe a location and size of the dump site in a letter addressed to the akimat; in the same letter, please ask for assistance in resolving the current situation and removing the landfill.


If the dump site contains hazardous chemicals, including energy-saving lamps, batteries, thermometers, you must immediately contact the environmental prosecutor's office and the Emergency Department.


Are you a witness of the garbage being disposed of in an undesignated place?

Ask the violator to pick up the garbage and carry it to a bin or garbage can, and warn him/her about administrative responsibility for polluting public places, parks, squares, including the disposal of municipal waste in undesignated places. These actions under Article 434 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan are subject to penalty of 10 MCI or an administrative arrest for up to 10 days. If your words has not had any effect, photograph or videotape the violation, and contact the police (phone number: 102).

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