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What to do if you are disturbed by noisy neighbors?

After a busy day, you want to come home and spend time in peace and silence. But your neighbors might have completely different plans: repairs, guests, and a party with loud music. Maybe there is a new fashionable café in your building, and, besides music, day and night you listen to ringing glasses and talking visitors? To find out how can you deal with this endless noise that prevents you from fully resting, read our article.


Noise in the nighttime

If your rest is disturbed by noisy neighbors or nearby cafes or other persons from 11 pm to 6 am, you can contact police by calling 102 from your landline, or 112 from your mobile phone.

Police officers are obliged to bring such neighbors to responsibility under Article 437 "Disturbing the silence" of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The penalty for individuals is 5 MCI for the first violation, and 10 MCI for violations repeated within a year.

Businesses (private entrepreneurs and legal entities) face penalties in the amount of 10 MCI for small businesses, 15 MCIs for medium-sized businesses and 50 MCI for large companies.


Noise in the daytime

If you are disturbed by noise in the daytime, you can make noise measurements. Measurements of noise can be made as part of the sanitary and epidemiological evaluation; to request that, please contact an institution that has an appropriate license.

You can file a written application with the authorities of sanitary and epidemiological supervision (Public Health Department) that will arrange for noise measurements as part of the sanitary and epidemiological evaluation.

A person guilty of exceeding the permissible noise levels in residential premises may be prosecuted under Article 425 "Violation of legislation on sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, as well as hygiene standards" of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The permissible noise levels are set by Sanitation Rules and Requirements "Maximum permissible noise levels in residential and public buildings and in the residential area" No. 3.01.035-97 – for ordinary noises and Sanitation Regulations "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the maintenance and operation of residential and other premises, and public buildings" - for infrasound and low-frequency noise.

Penalties under Article 425 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan are as follows: 10 MCI for individuals, up to 20 and up to 120 MCIs for entrepreneurs and legal entities (depending on the business entity). In cases harm is caused to human health, the fine is 200 MCI for individuals, 300 MCI for small businesses, 400 MCI for middle-sized businesses and 2000 MCI (with or without activity suspended, with or without seizure of products) for large business entities.

In addition, if you get the evidence of noise at night or of an exceeded permissible level of noise during the day, you can take it to the court to claim recovery of damage and non-pecuniary damage.

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